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Morrisons Are Introducing Plastic-Free Fruit and Veg Aisles as They Aim To Go Greener

One of the single biggest culprits of daily plastic waste is single-use bags found in supermarkets, Morrisons have announced they are removing the harmful material from their stores as they aim to become a greener shopping environment.

The move is being celebrated by environmentalists and is estimated by removing the single-use bags from their stores the supermarket chain could save 156 tones of plastic waste produced each year.

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Morrisons plastic free

Morrisons & Pexels

When you return from your weekly shopping trips to the supermarket often you are left with mounds of thin, plastic bags that had held your fruit and veg.

Where do they tend to end up? More often than not in the bin.

That could be about to change as Morrisons are removing those unnecessary, and environmentally harmful, bags from their fruit and veg aisles as they move towards a greener shopping experience.

Morrisons plastic free


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Sixty outlets will initially take part in what the supermarket chain are calling their “buy bagless” scheme in which shoppers can buy from over 127 different pieces of fruit and veg loose and pack them into recyclable paper bags.

The initiative is estimated to save the shop producing 156 tones of plastic waste each year, just from simple fruit and veg plastic bags.

The move is also stage one of a number of environmental changes the chain are pledging to make as they aim to remove 9,000 tones of problematic plastic waste from their stores each year by 2020.

For more information on the bagless imitative, or if you want to find out if your local shop is taking part in the scheme, visit Morrisons online.

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