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Morrisons Is Selling Rainbow Roses for Valentine’s Day

morrisons rainbow roses

Valentine’s Day is only around the corner, and if you are over the thought of giving your partner traditional flowers this year we might have found something very different they might adore.

Morrisons has unveiled beautiful individual rainbow coloured roses to celebrate all things love, which even the most anti-Valentine’s Day person will be hard pressed not appreciate.

The supermarket giant has partnered with LGBTQ+ youth homeless charity, The Albert Kennedy Trust to launch the rose, and 50p from each sale will be donated to the charity, which provides safe homes and support to young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisecual or transgender.

morrisons rainbow roses

How Do They Do It?

To create the beautiful multicoloured effect, Morrisons florists dyed the petals of each rose through a unique colouring process so that each layer displays a different shade.

Florists cut the rose stems and dip each into different coloured water, such as blue, yellow, green, violet and pink. Each flower then absorbs the dyes, turning the petals into bright and bold colours.

The end result? A stunning one-of-a-kind multi-coloured rose.

The colourful rainbow flowers will be available in Morrisons stores from 11 February.

The flowers will be available to purchase individually for £4 from Morrisons, so you can either shower all your girlfriends this Galentine’s Day with multicoloured creations or give your Valentine’s a floral bouguet to remember.

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