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These Museums Are The Most Visited in the World And Are Must Sees If You Get The Chance

most visited museums

When it comes to experiencing a new city for the first time museums are always at, or near, the top of the list of things to do, and these are some of the most visited buildings in the world.

According to The Museum Index these museums packed with knowledge, history, and Art, are not just potential visits when you visit one of these stunning cities, but are can’t miss, must see, places for you and your family.

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most visited museums

The Natural History Museum

Sitting at the summit of the most must see museums in world is, you guessed it, the Louvre, Paris. An estimated 10.2 million people visited it last year alone, which is five times more than the population of the city itself.

Second was the national museum of China, followed by the New York Met, the Vatican Museum and the US National Air and Space Museum.

The next four were all British based.

most visited museums

The National Portrait Gallery

The British museum came in at the sixth most visited with nearly 6 million visitors followed by the National Portrait gallery, overlooking the stunning Trafalgar Square.

The Tate Modern came in at eighth with over 5 million visitors, while the Natural History Museum was attended by just over 5 million tourists.

Rounding out the top ten was the American Museum of Natural History.

For a complete breakdown of the most visited museums across the world visit the museum index online.

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