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10 Kids Slumber Party Ideas For the Perfect Movie Night Sleepover

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There’s nothing quite like the sound of a slumber party to get little ones excited.

Whether it’s a birthday party or just your average Saturday night, if you’re looking to throw one with a movie theme, these ideas can help you get started…

Create a concessions stand

..Or rather set up base on your kitchen worktop! Setting up a snack bar is relatively easy to do.  Think miniature chocolate bars and kids sweets, not forgetting the popcorn! Popcorn party bags are the perfect way to complete the theme.

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DIY Movie Night Popcorn Bar

Alternatively, if you want popcorn to be the focal point of the night, why not set up your very own DIY movie night popcorn bar?

Blogger Family Fresh Meals suggests a help-your-self bar including mix and match sweets and popcorn together in small ramekin bowls with spoons.

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Make a blanket fort

Blanket forts are a childhood classic simply because they’re easy and inexpensive to set up.

There’s several ways to approach it but the easiest way might just be to drape blankets over some chairs and pop in some pillows for the perfect movie watching den!

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Movie quIZ


Take a break from the movie-watching with a round of kids movie trivia.

You can make up anything you like for questions, or you could use a printable template that has the trivia already prepared.  You can even place the questions in a (popcorn!) bucket for each child to pick and ask.

Create a red carpet

If you’re throwing a movie slumber night as a birthday party then why not make it an occasion to remember with an actual red carpet?

This idea is simply a piece of taped red cloth on the stairs, complete with the names of the guests in the stars. It makes for a perfect welcome and a great photo opportunity!

DIY photo booth

Another great photo opportunity is to provide fun movie star style props.

Think: big glasses, clapperboards and speech bubbles to name a few!

Create an “autograph book”


A fun way for kids to feel like stars on the night is to give each their very own ‘autograph book’.

They can then write what they like about each other, providing a lasting memento of the evening.

Sip on mocktails

Plastic Mocktail Glasses

Toast to any premiere by featuring mocktails as the drinks. Sparkling juices, such as apple cider, can do the trick nicely or you can go fancier and create mocktail masterpieces if you so fancy!


If you’re planning on a Disney movie marathon then there’s always pairing it with complementary party games. How about a Frozen version of Duck, Duck, Goose… Anna, Anna, Elsa for instance?

You can find even more themed games over on this guide to fairytale birthday party ideas.

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Movie star makeover


You can give a makeover a movie twist by treating your guests to VIP pamper treatments. There’s lots of child-friendly ideas over on this guide to hosting a pamper party for kids.

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