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M&S’ Little Shop Initiative Lets You Collect Iconic Food Miniatures for a Good Cause

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2019 truly is the year of sustainability but you probably didn’t expect Marks and Spencer would launch a tiny collectables campaign to support the noble cause.

The ‘Little Shop’ initiative is created by the retailer to help teach kids find out a bit more about where their food comes from, and why sustainability and balanced diets are important – though mini-sized versions of M&S favourites.

The chain has created a selection of special M&S foods in mini sizes for your Little Shop keepers to collect, based on the amazing stories they tell.

There’s at least 25 in total to collect, featuring everything from prawn sandwiches to Percy Pigs.

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Percy Pigs are a popular sweet at M&S

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The idea is designed for little ones aged 4 or over and for families during the summer. Adult fans of M&S favourites, however, might just be interested in picking up a miniature Percy Pig or two instead!

To get your hands on a collectible, you must spend £20 at M&S Foodhalls in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

However, if you spend £40 you’ll get two, or £60 you’ll get three etc.

You can also buy a few accessories in-store to play with the collectibles including an apron and shop front.  Plus, kids can meet up at several swap shops to exchange toys.

Of course, all collectables are made from a combination of cardboard, foil and plastic, with packaging fully recyclable.

M&S Little Shop collectables are made to last and to be shared. However, if your child no longer uses them, M&S Foodhall information desks will  recycle them to help make children’s playground equipment as part of their plastic take-back scheme.

The Little Shop will last until early September, or while stocks last, so best to load up on the most adorable miniatures while you still can!

For full information on the M&S Little Shop campaign visit the official M&S website.

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