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A Nachosaurus Exists for the Perfect Family Meal Night In

© Barbuzzo

Whether it’s a movie date night, or you’re looking for a way to encourage the kids to eat dinner, it can’t get much better than coming from an actual dinosaur.

Jurassic themed dining is officially happening and you can’t get much more on trend than serving your Mexican food out of a ‘Taco or Nachosaurus’.

The range is designed to showcase some of most famous features of dinosaurs.

How would you fancy pulling a nacho out of a Stegosaurus, for instance, or enjoying your next taco out of a T-Rex’s back?

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There’s several different designs in the series featuring different dinosaurs, but what’s particularly brilliant about the Nachosaurus is you can actually buy a chip and dip serving set.

First you pick out a nacho from the dinosaur’s back and then you load up your favourite snack into the themed dip bowl.

Barbuzzo Nachosaurus Chip and Dip Set, £11.09, Amazon

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Of course, this novel idea is best served up with a movie side of Jurassic Park or The Land Before Time.

The choice is entirely yours!

The Barbuzzo dinosaur set is available via Amazon now, with prices starting from £11.09.