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Netflix’s Fake New Year’s Eve Countdown Tricks Kids into Going to Bed Early

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It can be a challenge for any parent to get their child to sleep – especially where the excitement of the holidays is concerned.

Christmas Eve can be struggle enough but New Year’s Eve can pose even more of an issue when kids want to act like the adults and stay up until midnight.

Then, you have pretty cranky kids (and adults!) next day.

Luckily, Netflix has a cunning plan to get kids to beds and of course it involves plenty of cartoons.

Each year, the streaming giant creates a New Year’s Eve countdown that will fool your little ones into thinking they’ve stayed up past their bedtime.

Beginning on Dec. 26, Netflix makes  several New Year’s Eve countdowns available, featuring cartoon characters from different shows.

Around 3 minutes long, each includes a 10-second countdown to “midnight.”

Of course, that “midnight” is actually an on-demand service that can be shown at anytime.

In other words, midnight is when you, the parent chooses – whether that’s at your kids’ standard bedtime, or a little later for the holidays.

Typical cartoon characters have included Trollhunters, Skylanders Academy and Beat Bugs.

To access, go to the “Kids” section on Netflix and choose the celebratory 2018 icon or find them by searching for “countdown.”

See last year’s NETFLIX New Year’s Eve Countdown below. 

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