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Nike’s New Adventure Club will Help Keep Your Kids Laced Year Round Without Breaking the Bank

Shoe shopping for kids can be a time consuming and expensive exercise for parents, that’s why Nike have lunched a subscription service to help make sure your kids are always laced in fresh shoes and it doesn’t break the bank.

The Nike Adventure Club will send members a new pair of Nike or Converse kicks at regular intervals throughout the year, aiming to not only help save parents time spent on hunting for new shoes online or on the high street but, most importantly, money.

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nike adventure club


Shoe shopping for kids is a deceptively complex process.

On the surface, it’s about the child and what they want – but as many parents will attest, it can be an arduous experience for them as well.

Kids feet are continually growing, which makes shoe shopping a regular and expensive exercise.

Nike Adventure Club aims to offer a solution.

The service is geared towards helping parents avoid the monthly trips to the shops to find new shoes that’ll fit their kids, and make sure they’re also not breaking the bank in the process.

nike adventure club


The adventure club offers three plans for kids aged between 2 to 10, which can be be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any point.

The service offers over 100 different sneaker styles, ranging from performance, casual, to sportswear. For £20 per month plan you’ll receive four new pairs of shoes each year. For £30 per month you’re kids will get six pairs and for £50 a new shoe will be delivered each month.

If your kids love the shoes they’ve been sent, parents can choose to keep the pair rather than sending them back to be replaced with a new option.

In addition to the shoes, the subscription service also comes with exclusive adventure guides, filled with outdoor games and activities for parents to do with their kids.

All the returned shoes are donated or recycled as Nike aim to make a more circular, sustainable manufacturing process and business.

For more information on the Nike Adventure Club visit Nike online.

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