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Mum Reveals Controversial Secret to Cutting Down on Washing Basket

© Katie Emslie / Unsplash

There’s no doubt that kids can rack up serious laundry chores. Dinnertime, outdoors play and arts and crafts activities can all contribute to a washing basket that never seems to empty.

One mum, however, has just shared one simple tip that could cut your washing down forever: Does your baby need to be in fresh pyjamas everyday?

Writing on the MumsNet forum, the user wrote:

“I complain about the amount of laundry all the time and have only just clocked that I control what the kids wear. They don’t need fresh PJs every day”.

In what could be the most well-kept secret for mums everywhere, the question became at what does it become excessive?

jill111 / Pixabay

One mum revealed: “Many years ago I did that with mine, everyday was clean pyjamas.

Until my mother found out, she eye rolled and told me I was being ridiculous and that my children weren’t going to spontaneously combust in unwashed clothes.”

Some, however, insisted on sticking to their plan: “Clean pyjamas after a bath every day! Absolutely!” one user wrote.

The ultimate conclusion from many was the astonishment at the amount of work mums give themselves on a daily basis.

Asides from only washing items if it’s absolutely necessary, if you’re looking to cut down on laundry, encourage your family to use clothes hampers and establish a laundry routine so you don’t end up washing multiple items!

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