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90s Nostalgia Is Real with the Comeback of the Polly Pocket Compacts

© Mattel

90s kids rejoice as Polly Pocket compacts are back and they look better than ever.

While we might be a bit apprehensive towards the idea of carrying around a Polly Pocket compact as adults, owning one in the name of 90s kids nostalgia doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Polly pockets back in the day were THE toy to have, as all the kids in the neighbourhood owned one and we’d spend hours on end playing at each other’s house with them.

Not to mention the perk of being able to exchange compacts for a few days giving us the opportunity “to enjoy the best of both worlds”.

Polly Pocket first came on the scene in 1989 in miniature pocket size, of course, with Polly’s miniature world inside. 

Some of the newest compacts come in all sorts of shapes all with their individual theme.

In the mood for making a splash with the Tropical Flamingo Floatie compact? It features secret reveals such as a wave pool and a hot tub not to mention Polly’s bedroom.

There is also a Polly Pocket™ Pocket World Donut Pajama Party shaped like a yummy colorful donut. Ideal for a fun sleepover night with Polly’s friends.

The Polly Pocket™ Pocket World Snow Secret Compact opens to a themed world complete with a ski chalet and an outdoor gondola and hill that Polly™ and Shani™ dolls can ride and slide.

These compacts are small enough to take anywhere, anytime for the splashiest of Polly Pocket™ adventures.

Even if you’re not one to buy a compact for your adult self, these would make the perfect gift for the little ones that didn’t get to experience the joy of 90s kids’ childhood.