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This Huge Rainbow-Tunnel Sprinkler Is This Summer’s Must-Have Garden Accessory

rainbow tunnel sprinkler

With spring and summer almost upon us, it will soon be time to enjoy those long warm days in the garden with the family – and this cute rainbow shower could be exactly what keeps the kids entertained outside throughout it all.

When kids are home on summer holiday from school, universally parents everywhere grumble about how best to keep their little ones entertained. There is only so much television and computer game access allowed when it is so important kids get to play and have fun outdoors with friends and family.

But how best to keep them off those television and computer screens? How about a giant rainbow tunnel sprinkler?

rainbow tunnel sprinkler


The Sun Squad inflatable sprinkler is the perfect way to keep the kids, and possibly the adults, outdoors, while also helping to make sure everyone is kept cool during those long, warm summer days.

The giant rainbow features a delightfully bright and colourful arch and fun clouds attached to both sides of the rainbow, to make sure your kids think they are completely running through the sky.

Sprinkler heads are attached within the tunnel and to make sure they shower the kids completely. The water is filtered into the rainbow by an attachment that can be connected to an outdoor hose or tap.

The Sun Squad Rainbow Sprinkler is priced at £80, with international shipping fee’s added, and is available from Target online.

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