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Dad Invents App That Locks Kids’ Phone Until They Message Back

© Rhone / Unsplash

Navigating the world of technology can be frustrating as a parent. The dilemma over whether to buy kids the latest up-to-date gadgets can result in further problems.

If you let your kids watch the their tablet before bedtime, for instance, is that helpful or harmful? That’s not to mention the consideration of just how young is too young for owning a mobile phone.

For one dad, what he thought could be a solution turned into a bigger problem.

After giving his son a mobile phone to keep in contact, he realised the phone was often set to silent and used as a device to play games and watch videos on it.

In other words, his son either rarely answered or ignored the text messages, not knowing whether that message was important or not.

Thus, the idea of app ReplyASAP was born was a way to make messages unmissable.

The app, which has now been downloaded by thousands of protective parents around the world, allows people to send messages with an alarm even if the receiver’s phone is on silent.

Once received, the messages lock the screen before allowing users to either snooze for three minutes or reply immediately.

The sender then receives a notification to confirm their message has been received.

What’s more, the app works both ways by allows the two consenting users to override each other’s devices in case of an emergency.

Now, your family will never have an excuse not to message ever again.

ReplyASAP is available to download via Google Play

For further information visit the ReplyASAP website.

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