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You Can Now Buy a Rocking Unicorn That’ll Make for the Most Magical Nursery

© Little Bird Told Me

If you have fond memories of a rocking horse in your childhood bedroom, you’ll be delighted to know there’s now a magical rocking unicorn.

Created by toy and nursery specialists Little Bird Told Me, this enchanting upgrade to your little one’s room features a gorgeous star-spangled design.

It comes in both blue and pink with both designs featuring a silvery soft chenille mane, tail and saddle.

There’s even a very special surprise tucked into the unicorn’s body.

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Little Bird Told Me

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Included with the unicorn is an adorable bear or fairy bunny play friend that snuggles neatly in the rocker’s pocket.

As it’s removable and just the right size for little hands, it’s the perfect additional playmate.

It even comes in a beautifully presented display box with a carry handle making it the ideal gift!

The Little Bird Told Me Rocking Unicorn (9 or 12 months) is currently on sale at John Lewis now for £69.50. 

Visit the full range of Little Bird Told Me toys and rocking horses at their official website.

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