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These Hot Cross Buns are Game Changers

salted caramel hot cross buns

It may only be February, but let be honest, we’re all looking towards April and the supermarkets are doing the same by stocking a collection of delicious Spring favourites, with one new addition in particular set to be a big hit.

Forget those staple raisin, sultana and spiced hot cross buns, Marks and Spencer have revealed they are bringing back their mouthwatering take on the humble Easter snack.

The high street supermarket has started selling their salted caramel and chocolate hot cross buns with dark Belgian chocolate chips, salted caramel fudge and toffee pieces.

salted caramel hot cross buns

Hot Cross Delights

The hot cross buns are retailing for £1.70 a packet of four and are available in store or online at Marks and Spencer.

If you don’t fancy caramel, M&S have also added a new blueberry flavour to its hot cross bun range for the same price.

It’s worth noting that M&S are not the only supermarket chain selling salted caramel flavoured buns, Tesco have also entered into the fray with their own offering.

Tesco’s bake option is available in stores or online for 65p for a pack of four – although the Easter delights come infused with milk chocolate chips instead of the dark ones in Marks and Spencer buns.

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