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There’s a Secret Spot in Disneyland Where Your Kids Can Meet Characters

© Sogol Salehi / Unsplash

We all know visiting Disneyland can be a pretty magical family experience, but it could be about to get better thanks to a secret tip being shared online.

As spotlighted by The Sun, a closed group on Facebook have been sharing their experiences in avoiding the crowds at Disneyland Paris and getting great snaps with the kids’ favourite characters.

Of course, with 12 million visitors a year, there’s no doubt the popular tourist destination can get pretty crowded.

This tip, however, could bag you some great photo opportunities.

Karen Rockall

Karen Rockall

Located through the Castle into Fantasyland, you then turn immediately right and through a metal gate past Cinderella’s carriage.

You will then see another metal gate and fence and that’s where you should wait.

The trick is to stand there for around 15 minutes before a show is due to start for maximum character interaction.

Your biggest chance to see characters is before and after events.

The “secret spot” is actually a secluded castle area where characters walk past to enter the stage before shows and dining experiences.

Michaela Berry

One Facebook user wrote: “Secret spot!!!! Just amazing at switch over for dining with the princesses.”

While other members were thankful for the tip saying their children were so happy they got up close with Mickey Mouse and princesses.

So, if you fancy spending less time on crowds and more time on rides, the secret might just well and truly be out…

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