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These Polar Bear Suits Could be the Cosiest Way to Keep Warm this Winter

snoozzoo polar bear sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are often limited to those uncomfortable camping accessories you never quite mange to get a relaxing sleep in, but those restless nights could soon be about to change courtesy of a genius new polar bear alternative.

The Snoozzoo adult Polar Bear sleeping bag is the hilariously comfy looking full-body suit designed for adults that could be the most cosy looking sleeping bag we’ve ever seen – not to mention the perfect winter accessory for the impeding chilly season.

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snoozzoo polar bear sleeping bag


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The sleeping bag is essentially a giant polar bear onesie, perfect for slipping into when snuggling up on the couch with a warm cup of tea while watching television.

The fabulous sleeping bag can comfortably fit anyone up to 75 inches tall – six foot – and is made from ultra-soft cotton fabric.

The suit is machine washable, provided you can find a washing machine big enough to fit it in.

The SnoozZoo polar bear sleeping bag is priced at £100, with additional deliver charges, and is available at Amazon online.

For more information on the SnoozZoo polar bear sleeping bag visit SnoozZoo or amazon online.

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