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This New Toy Wants to Encourage Children to Live In-the-Moment

spot attention toy

Worried your children are distracted by too many smart devices? Not getting enough real-life experience? This new toy wants to help by educating and nurturing attention spans.

Spot, created by New Deal Design, is a toy built for learning and discovery, and to take those devices out of your children’s hands.

The toy functions as a handheld scanner kids point at objects and it will talk back to them giving details and bundles of information of what it is they are looking at.

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spot attention toy

New Deal Design

Children today have never been more distracted, which can lead to huge developmental issues that can affect them later in life.

Designers at New Deal Design found that if they developed the right kind of toy, they might be able to reverse the troubling attention deficit issues caused by long hours spent on smart device and encourage children to focus on a much more natural pace of experiencing life.

The aim was to foster junior-level mindfulness that could set kids up with positive life skills.

spot attention toy

New Deal Design

Using artificial intelligence, Spot recognises objects like animals, plants, and buildings, and voices a small piece of information back, incorporating information perfect for children aged five to nine of what it is scanning.

If that wasn’t enough to grab your young ones attention, there is a secondary function which comes in to play when it is bedtime.

Spot can use an built-in projector that’ll project an interactive story around the day’s discoveries on your kids bedroom walls.

The Spot attention toy is currently not available to buy, it is still being perfected in the development stage, but will be on display and able to be tested in early July at the San Francisco Design Week 2019.

For more information on the spot attention toy visit New Deal Design online.

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