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Stylish winter dinner party tabletop essentials

Winter is almost here, if not already, and with it fantastic wintery themed dinner parties.

When you imagine a winter dinner party table setting, your mind might be overrun with images of greens and red tablecloths, along with Christmas motifs everywhere. And while everyone does love a nod to the festive period, there are better ways to channel the winter colours and mood of the holiday season, without overdecorating and compromising your entire table setting.

To help you prepare your winter dinner table setting with style, we’ve rounded up some table top ideas that can help you own the festive dining period.

Neutral napkins

Winter dinner essentials

If paper napkins are not your thing and you are keen to avoid the red, green, festive themed napkins, these plaid designs are perfect for your winter food fest – without overdoing it.

Festive napkin holders

Winter dinner essentials

These subtle napkin holders are one of the easiest ways to add some festive joy to your winter dinner party. They are on trend with the time of year, and also inexpensive to make.

Placecard holders

Winter dinner essentials

Whether the group gathering at your Christmas table is big or small, using place cards for special events of any size is a great way to personalise your dinner party.


Winter dinner essentials

Placemats feel formal, yet more modern than the typical tablecloth. So to create a neutral backdrop for your winter feast that allows you to play with all kinds of dinnerware, glassware and tabletop decor, go with placemats to get the most out of each table setting.

Festive candle holders

Winter dinner essentials

One large floral arrangement in the centre of your dining table just doesn’t feel stylish anymore.

We love the look of smaller, shorter decorations on the table that allow people to talk and make eye contact while still creating a pleasing ambiance.

That’s why we think these simple candle holders create the perfect warmth and atmosphere you want for your table setting this winter.

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