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This Hybrid-Sweater Could be Exactly What the Entire Family Needs this Winter

the comfy uk

Winter is well and truly still here. It is getting colder and colder as January progresses, therefore it is very important to make sure the entire family are wrapped up and snug during these long, cold and dark days.

If you are anything like us, you will be looking for any way to make sure the whole season is that bit easier to bear.

We think we might have found the perfect way for the entire family to lounge around the home that can also help fight off the chill.

The Original Comfy, developed by Comfy, is a wearable blanket and jumper that wraps you up tight enough you’ll completely forget just how cold it really is.

The Original Comfy

The Original Comfy is billed as the softest, cosiest wearable blanket/sweatshirt that encloses you in complete comfort.

Simply, flip the hood up, pull your legs and arms in, and you’ll find out why the Comfy is the most comfortable sweatshirt you’ll never want to take off.

The Original Comfy comes as one size fits all and are easily reversible.

The Comfy comes in four different colours, black, grey, blue and pink, and are available for £44.99 online at Amazon.

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