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The Little Printer Is Making A Comeback To Help With All Those Mini Printing Issues

the little printer

When it comes to printing fun doodles, notes, or important barcodes and receipts, this cute little printer that could help with all those tasks.

The Little Printer, recreated by Nord Projects, has a new lease of life after years left in purgatory with a new application-based operation system, making it even easier, and quicker, to print important pieces of mini content.

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Printing VR Codes, barcodes, drawings, puzzles, social media content, or even online news articles, can be tricky as larger printers are not the most suited to printing smaller pieces of content.

Those days of having to cut out your printed content from larger sheets of paper with scissors could be a thing of the past.

The printer, originally created in 2012 but was closed due to technical issues and is now back with an improve application, is a cute printing device that can sit on any desk or office table.

Imagine it as miniature newspaper or fax machine.

The idea behind this mini printer was to bring all those small essential digital items into the physical world.

All you need to do it download the application, sync to your mini printer with your device, upload the content you are wanting to print, and then the little printer goes to work.

Unfortunately, while the new application is available to download now on iOS and Android, the physical printers are not currently available to purchase. You will have to source one of the original 2012 printers to get your mini printing fix.

For more information on the Little Printer visit Nord Projects online.

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