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These Eco-Friendly Stretchy Lids Will Change How you Keep your Food Fresh

the original stretchy food lids

Keeping your food fresh and edible is a challenging 24/7 process, that could be about to change thanks to these innovative environmentally friendly, stretchable lids.

The Original Stretchy Food Lids are a range of airtight, stretch-and-seal lid sets designed to keep your food super fresh for longer, prevent spillages, and also offer a sustainable alternative to standard kitchen clingfilm and zipper storage bags.

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the original stretchy food lids


The average UK household throws out £470 worth of food each year and as a nation the country wastes a staggering seven million tones of food and drink, which could be reused, every year.

To tackle this major issue, The Original Stretchy Food Lids have created a range of stretchable food container lids as a more effective, and environmentally friendly, alternative to using clingfilm to keep food fresh.

The silicone lids come in six different sizes, all capable of meeting your food freshness needs.

Each silicone top is round and can be stretched enough to fit snugly over various oddly shaped containers such as mugs, pots, cups, bowls and dishes.

The lids are microwave-safe and are heat resistant up to 232 degrees, which means you can quickly reheat your leftovers with the lids still attached. They’re also freezer friendly.

The lids are all made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, BPA free materials, and are dishwasher safe.

A set of six original stretchy food lids is priced at £12.99, with 12, 18 and 24 piece sets also available for between £22.99 and £39.99. All sets have additional delivery charges and are available at The Original Stretchy Food Lids online.

To find out more about the stretchy food lids visit online.

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