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Enjoy a Mosquito Free Summer with This Repeller That Creates an Impenetrable 15ft Net

thermacell mosquito repeller

With the warmer summer months closing in fast, and potential holiday trips on the horizon, it’s important to make sure you are prepared for the inevitable influx of pesky mosquitoes.

The Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller is here to help you enjoy the great outdoors by creating an impenetrable 15ft repellent net that’ll allow you, your family, and friends to avoid coming home covered with bug and mosquito bites.

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thermacell mosquito repeller

Pexels & Thermacell

For some, whatever blood chemistry or energy they have, mosquitoes and other flying critters will always manage seek you out.

If traditional bug sprays no longer keep you bite free while on outdoor trips, or spending time in the garden, this repeller could be your savoir.

The defining feature of the Thermacell Patio Shield is how it prevents bugs from getting close to you – a 15ft sprayed shield or protection zone that surrounds you and your companions.

The spray is scent-free and comes in a stylish, compact and portable container, which comes in four colours; green, blue, red and black.

The spray would be perfect for those long days in the garden with friends and family, or on outdoor adventure trips.

The Thermacell Mosquito Shield is available to buy from Lakeland for £34.99.

For more information on the Mosquito Repeller visit Thermacell online.

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