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Science Says Kids Are Much Happier Without Lots of Toys

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If you’ve ever heard your elders proclaim that back in their day it was a much simpler time and they were better for it, they may in fact be speaking the truth.

According to a study, published in Infant Behavior & Development, kids who have fewer toys have actually been found to have a happier, healthier playtime.

Researchers tested 36 toddlers between the ages 18-30 months for 30 minutes in two different playrooms: the first had four toys and the second had 16 toys.

They found that when the toddlers were in the room with fewer toys, they were actively engaged for a longer period of time.

In other words, this study could be confirming what every parent has long suspected.

Opening present after present does not necessarily bring happiness.

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“This suggests that the other toys present may have created a source of external distraction, provoking the participants to abandon play with a toy at hand to explore another,” researchers said in the study.

Because there were less toys to choose from in the first group, the children were not only more genuinely interested in the toys but were more inclined to use their creative instincts, exploring different ways to use the same toy whilst developing their cognitive skills.

Essentially, the more toys the children had, the less focused they were.

With kids having short attention spans in the first place, this was found to worse when given dozens of toys.

Even more shocking, parents of the participating children reported they had an average of at least 90 toys at home for their toddler.

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