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This Toy Story Plane Could Make Long Journeys With the Kids So Much Better

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There’s nothing quite like the experience of boarding a long haul flight with the kids in tow, but it could be so much better thanks to this jaw-dropping Toy Story plane.

Decorated inside and out with everything relating to the Disney/Pixar classic, your journey could be a breeze thanks to the brightly decorated seats, complete with character additions.

Even before boarding, kids are sure to be excited with the incredible detail to the plane’s exterior.

You really can join Buzz Lightyear and fly to infinity and beyond with the bright blue paint job, finished off by the character himself launching into space.

Plus, terminal passengers can pose with their favourite characters from the movie series and receive a special commemorative boarding pass.

The staff even wear adorable Mickey Mouse headbands to celebrate the special flight.

toy story plane



Then there’s the mesmerising ceilings inside complete with Woody, Jessie and Mr Potato Head and co.

You might even find little ones nodding off with the detailed sky decor!


It’s all to mark the opening of the new Toy Story Land at the Shanghai Disney Resort.

Unfortunately, it does mean it won’t be flying out of the UK anytime soon, but globe-trotting families can experience it by going from Beijing to Shanghai, courtesy of China Eastern Airlines.

It is hoped that it will fly in more Chinese cities in future.

When Disneyland truly is the most magical family holiday of all, however, it might just be worth the trip!

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