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Unicorn Flowers Might Just Be the Funkiest Mother’s Day Gift Yet

© Morrisons

If you’re looking for that special present for mum, Morrisons has got you covered with the release of unicorn flowers.

Fresh from the release of their multi-coloured rainbow roses for Valentine’s Day, the supermarket has once again proved they’re blooming marvelous by combining the ideal Mother’s Day gift with everybody’s favourite mythical creature.

What makes it just so magical? The bouquets are placed inside a unicorn gift bag compete with unicorn horns and ears that stick out of the pink tissue wrapping.

The corresponding flowers are also suitably themed by colour to complete the look. Included in the bunch are stunning white roses complemented by shades of pink and blue to bring the magical theme alive.


Even more magical is the price. You’ll be able to pick up a bunch of these flowers for only £15, in stores from March 27, ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday March 31.

If you prefer to go the potted plant route, however, be sure to check out Matalan’s adorable range of smiling face potted plants for only £8.

Simply magical!

Morrisons Unicorn Flowers are available in Morrisons stores on March 27 for £15. 

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