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Walkers are releasing brussel sprout flavored crisps for Christmas

Walkers brussel sprout crisps

Walkers are bringing crisp lovers something extra-special this festive season with a brussel sprout flavour to go along with other Christmas inspired offerings this year.

Brussel sprout infused crisps, what’s not to love?

Britain’s favourite crisp brand is introducing its first-ever brussel sprout flavour to its range of festive crisps, which features five other delicious Christmassy offerings.

Walkers brussel sprout crisps


Sold as single packs or part of Walker’s two new limited-edition festive multipacks, sprout lovers will be able to enjoy the Christmas dinner table vegetable staple inspired crisps along with Turkey and Stuffing and Pigs in Blankets options.

For those who avoid sprouts at all costs throughout the Christmas period, the second limited edition multipack contains packets of glazed ham, turkey and stuffing along with cheese and cranberry flavours.

The Walkers festive multipack range is available for £1.50 from Tesco.

Visit Walkers for more information on the new festive range.

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