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Teach the Family About Women’s Accomplishments With Who’s She

Whos she board game

Everyone has played or at least remembers the fun guessing board game Guess Who, there is now an updated version of the famous game that celebrates women’s accomplishments throughout history.

Originally released in 1970, Guess Who featured a variety of old and young men and women who you would knock down one-by-one once they had been ruled out from being who your opponent was pretending to be.

That original game was immensely popular, and has now been given a fresh female-focused look courtesy of Zuzia Kozerska. The Polish designer has reimagined the famous game with the traditional characters replaced by women who have had a profound impact on the world.

The new game is called Who’s She and it’ll be the perfect game to help educate your children about historically impactful women from around the world.

Whos she board game

Who’s She

The game remains close to the original, but with a variety of twists with the aim of helpping to educate younger generations of women’s achievement.

The questions each player asks feature whether or not they have won the nobel peace prize, did she make a discovery, were they a spy and other important questions.

Whos she board game

The wooden biography cards are made from baltic birch wood, offering a solid, natural feel, and are protected with linseed oil for durability. Each card picture features stunning, hand drawn, watercolor portraits by young artist Daria Gołąb.

The guessing game also feature fun, interesting and inspiring anecdotes about the lives of each of the 28 historically influential women.

Who’s she has was developed to help keep the stories from female achievements alive while trying to inspire and illustrate how women – no matter of age, ethnicity or location – can achieve anything.

For more information on Who’s She visit kickstarter, where you can join 6,745 backers of the important project.

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