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There’s a Wizard of Oz Theme Park You Need to Visit Immediately

© Land of Oz

If you’re looking for a truly magical summer holiday abroad this year, then look no further than an actual Wizard of Oz theme park.

Naturally called the Land of Oz, the once abandoned theme park has been brought to life with an Emerald City vibe.

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Land of Oz

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Originally built in 1970 on Beech Mountain in North Carolina, the park closed in 1980 and became a popular destination for explorers seeking out abandoned sites.

In the early ’90s, however, the park opened for special tours, including the popular “Autumn at Oz” festival.

Land of Oz

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Fortunately, the fun didn’t stop there.

In 2018, the park reopened for six days in June for “Wizard of Oz” fans to come to take a tour, returning again this year for the classic movie’s 80th anniversary.

This summer, you can take part in a “Journey with Dorothy” event.

Available for a limited period of time only in June and July, the interactive experience involves skipping down the yellow brick through the Land of Oz with Dorothy as your guide in search of the wizard.

It promises to be a full family experience; you may even be randomly selected to play one of your favourite characters as you are led through the original Land of Oz Park.

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Land of Oz

Who wouldn’t love to see Dad “Putting ‘Em Up” as the Cowardly Lion or Grandma cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West?

Just be sure to brush up on your songs,  there’s sure to be a sing-along or two along the way!

Tickets for the tour cost $27.50 (around £21) per person and can be purchased via the official Land of Oz website.

If you’d prefer an autumn experience, however, the 26th annual Autumn at Oz festival will be held on weekends in September 2019, with tickets on sale in May.

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