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This Unique Dining Kit Has Been Made From Recycled CDs and Food Packaging

otherware pebble recycled cutlery

Made using recycled CDs and food packaging, this innovative dining kit offers a glimpse into what the future could hold for sustainable everyday utensils.

Developed in collaboration with music producer Pharrell Williams’ project “i am OTHER collective” the OTHERWARE Pebble comes complete with a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks, and is another example of transforming recycled materials into useful everyday items.

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otherware pebble recycled cutlery


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As plastic waste increasingly becomes a dangerous environmental problem, OTHERWARE have found an innovative way to make use of disgarded CD’s and food packaging waste.

OTHERWARE aim to produce stylish everyday products that help to inspire people to go waste-free.

Weighing the same as a smartphone, the Pebble comes in a kaleidoscope of pastel colours designed to catch the eye. Each Pebble includes a custome clip that can be attached to a belt or bag. The utensils can also individually be clipped. It is also dishwasher safe.

The Pebble case is made from recycled CDs with each piece of cutlery made from recycled food packaging, with the tips of each piece have also been dipped in anodised titanium coated steel, giving them a unique and colourful metallic finish.

If that wasn’t enough, Pentatonic will by the kit back when it has reached the end of its life. The company will recycled the materials into another product, making sure to maintain the environmentally friendly product life cycle.

The sustainable OTHERWARE pebble recycled cutlery is priced at £49 and are available to purchase from OTHERWARE online.

For more information on the sustainable OTHERWARE pebble recycled cutlery or other OTHERWARE products visit online.

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