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Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards You’ll Fall in Love with

eco friendly valentine's day cards
© Clare Gray Designs / Etsy

There’s no better way to show your care to the planet and your loved ones than with eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards.

Whether you’re a dab hand at crafts or want to pick up one ready-made, you’ll fall in love with these top ideas for the outside (and inside!) of your cards.

eco-friendly valentine’s day cards

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DIY eco-friendly Cards

  • Recycled paper is the perfect base to create your own eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards. A simple brown paper can be printed upon with simple heart stamps with vegan ink.
  • Cardboard  If you love nothing more than online shopping, you’re sure to have a box or two on hand to re-use.
  • Gift wrap can be re-used to create decorative detail on cards.


  • Scrap paper  From wallpaper samples to scrap shopping list notes.
  • Seed paper not only looks great, but once planted, can grow into flowers.
  • Packing paper from gift bags such as red or white tissue paper can be re-used.
  • Magazines and flyers can create an interesting collage for a truly personalised touch.
  • Elephant dung paper  Yes, really. Recycled elephant poo may not sound particularly lovely but it actually creates a soft, mottled paper perfect for crafts.
  • Waste objects  Why throw away what you can re-use?  Think: yarn, sting, toothpicks, lolly pop sticks…
  • Mini chalkboards can be re-used with new messages throughout Valentine’s Day and beyond.
  • Re-use cards from the past  Cut out elements you like from previous cards to make it into something entirely new.
  • Old wall calendars have beautiful images and heavy stock for cards.
  • Newspaper Adding colour to the newspaper can create an interesting effect.
  • Thumbprints It could be yours, your pet’s paws or a child’s fingerprints adding that personalised touch.

Eco-Friendly card decorations

There’s nothing more delightfully surprising than glitter or hearts falling from a card, but if want to truly share the love, these inner eco decorations are simply perfect.

  • Plantable paper decor hearts grow into plants once planted owing to the flower seed mix inside.
  • Eco-glitter is an excellent choice for both adding internally to cards or for a spot of card DIY alike.
  • Dried rose buds or similar florals is the ultimate way to show love inside eco friendly Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Recycled paper cut outs  You can create a simple silhoutte shape such as a champagne bottle or heart from recycled or seed paper and pop them inside.
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