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Cheerios Are Sending 2 Billion Wildflower Seeds to Help Save Bee Populations

bring back the bees
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Cheerios are helping encourage the growth of bee-friendly habitats with a seed giveaway campaign.

The environmentally friendly campaign from the breakfast time experts is aimed at rebuilding, repairing and growing damaged bee habitats and populations through the distribution of close to 2 billion wildflower seeds for people to plant and help declining bee populations.

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bring back the bees


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For the world to be an environmentally friendly place for humans to live, bee’s are necessary, bees also need people to help keep their habitats in-tact.

In 2019, Cheerios planted 1.7 billion seeds of pollinator plants to help encourage the growth of declining bee populations. In 2020 they are following it up by sending close to 2 billion wildflower seeds to volunteers in the North America and the UK to help create more habitats for bees to live and thrive.

bring back the bees


Research has shown that 1 in 3 bites of food people consume has been made possible by bees and other pollinators.

More than two thirds of the world’s farming industry is made possible courtesy of bees and pollinators. To help make sure bee populations do not continue to fall, Cheerios are doing their part through this seed distribution initiative.

Full details of the Bring Back the Bees population are available at Cheerios online.

For more information on the Cheerios bring back the bees campaign visit Cheerios online.

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