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Coca-Cola Have Introduced their First Batch of Bottles Made Using Recycled Ocean Plastic

Coca Cola recycled bottles

To help combat the global issue of plastic waste, Coca Cola have released a potentially revolutionary batch of recycled bottles which could point to the future of packaging for food and drinks.

The soft drinks giants have launched a first edition of their environmentally friendly bottles made using plastic from marine and recycled waste collected by volunteers during a series of beach cleanups along the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

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Coca Cola recycled bottles

Coca Cola

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Around 300 sample bottles have been made using 25% recycled marine plastic collected from the Mediterranean sea and beaches.

The creative bottles were designed to show the potential of enhanced recycling technologies, what ocean derbies can be turned into and help slow the effects harmful plastic waste is having on the environment.

The bottles have been created using technology from Dutch startup Ioniqa technologies and Indorama ventures.

To help process the recycled ocean plastic, Ioniqa technologies used a device to help breakdown the collected plastic and transform it into a new material which was then transferred to Indorama ventures to be made into a new bottle.

The process illustrates that plastic previously used, and of various quality, can be turned into high-strength packaging for food and drinks.

For more information on the Coca Cola recycled bottles initiative, or other recycling plans, visit Coca Cola, Ioniqa Technologies, Marine Circulares and Indorama Ventures online.

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