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Dove Announces Plans to Launch Plastic-Free Bottles

dove plastic free
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Dove, one of the largest and best-loved beauty brands in the world, has unveiled its plans to reduce plastic waste.

New 100% recycled bottles will launch in the UK and Ireland this year, while development is underway to replace the plastic outer-wrap of its beauty bar multi-packs with a zero-plastic material.

The new initiatives are part of Dove’s 2025 commitment to reduce plastic waste, which will see the brand avoid the use of more than 20,500 tonnes of virgin plastic globally per year.

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As part of a long-term goal, the company will launch a new 100% recycled plastic (PCR) bottles where technically feasible, in Europe and North America, by the end of 2019 – across all ranges (Dove, Dove Men+Care, and Baby Dove).

The beauty brand does not yet have a solution for caps and pumps, but will be launching a new reusable, refillable deodorant stick.

In a statement,  Richard Slater, Unilever Chief R&D Officer said: “At Dove, we are proud to have more than 100 initiatives ongoing around the world dedicated to tackling plastic waste.

But as one of the biggest beauty brands in the world, we have a responsibility to accelerate our progress even further. Today’s announcements are an important step in our work to transform how we produce, use and dispose of plastic packaging

By making this move, we aim to drive the global recycling industry to collect more waste plastic and make more recycled plastic available for use.”

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