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10 Environmentally Friendly Christmas Ideas That’ll Help You Enjoy a Sustainable Festive Season

2019 is shaping up to be one of the greenest festive periods on record with more people looking to embrace environmentally friendly celebrations.

From sourcing sustainable trees to positive glitter alternatives, reduction of food waste and long-lasting gift choices that help rather than hinder the planet, these helpful environmentally friendly Christmas ideas will get you one step closer to a sustainably focused festive season.

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A sustainable Tree


While it is easy to buy and set-up plastic trees, their impact on the environment is jaw dropping.

To help avoid further plastic tree environmental harm, consider creative options such as wooden, hanging, or even real trees.

All offer a positive impact on the environment, and will help reduce the volume of wasted plastic trees ending up in landfills.

Long-Lasting Decorations


Tinsel, baubles, garland and other decorations, while staples of the festive season, are made from harmful PVC and plastic, which all have an untold impact on the environment.

Decorations made from wood, fabric, and even glass are all ideal environmentally friendly Christmas ideas that’ll help turn your lush home decor 100% green.

Eco-Friendly Gifts


It is often tempting and easy to go for traditional gift ideas coated in plastic, cardboard and other non-recyclable materials.

To ensure 2019 is the most ethical year yet, why not consider gifts such as; handmade items, paraffin free candles, recycled homeware, organic fabrics, biodegradable lifestyle accessories, and reusable water bottles.

Sustainable Wrapping paper


Wrapping paper, boxes and containers are one of the biggest contributors of harmful waste throughout the Christmas period.

Instead of adding to the environmental issue, embrace reusable gift bags, boxes, tissue paper and ribbons.

Zero-Waste Food


An enormous volume of food is wasted on Christmas dinner tables as party-hosts enviably stock up on large volumes of food.

There is nothing worse than running out of food on the big day, but equally having mountains of leftovers is a problem as well.

Make a list, portion control, turn leftovers into soups or donate them to charities, and most importantly avoid those panic buying sessions for that sixth bag of brussel sprouts.

Reusable Bags and Packages

environmentally friendly christmas ideas


While it is easy to just pay the extra 5p and 10p plastic bag tax when buying food and gifts, reusable bags and bags-for-life will reduce your plastic waste footprint enormously, whilst also saving you money.

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Christmas Cards

environmentally friendly christmas ideas


Sending Christmas cards to family, friends and loved ones is a staple of the festive period.

Consider opting for electronic greetings, email cards or even picking up the phone to get in touch with your family and friends.

If you still need to send traditional cards, opt for ones made from recycled paper.

Avoid single-use UTENSILs

environmentally friendly christmas ideas


When it comes time to hosting a big get together with friends and family, rather than using non-recyclable throwaway cutlery, crockery and cups that’ll end up in landfill sites, there are plenty of sustainable alternatives.

Ask guests to bring extra dining utensils or even use handy tableware loan services from places like Waitrose & Partners.

Consider a reusable Advent Calendar

environmentally friendly christmas ideas


For children and big kids everywhere, advent calendars are an essential aspect of the festive period.

To make sure you are still enjoying the countdown to the big day while being eco-conscious, think about investing in reusable and recyclable calendars this year.

Make Your Own Festive Wreath

environmentally friendly christmas ideas


To give your home or office space that special Christmas finishing touch, a festive wreath is always perfect.

Instead of embracing those harmful plastic wreaths, treat yourself to a real one instead.

Not only are they friendlier for the environment, real wreaths also look and smell a lot fresher.

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