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Fish Free February Aims to Highlight The Impact The Fishing Industry Has On the World’s Oceans

fish free February
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In an effort to shine the light on the impact the fishing industry is currently having on the world’s oceans, Fish Free February has been launched.

The new initiative has been organised by a collection of respected international marine conservationists and the Manta Trust UK to help highlight the impact the fishing industry, and humans, have on the world’s oceans and ocean life.

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fish free February


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The fishing industry currently takes more than it needs from the world’s oceans, overfishing to such an extent that ocean populations are unable to grow fast enough to keep up with the fishing standards, potentially leading to global food shortages.

Research has revealed 90 per cent of global fish stocks are fished to their maximum or overfished, with an estimated 1.2 trillion fish caught just for human consumption.

If that wasn’t enough, discarded fishing nets make up 46 per cent of the plastic waste found in oceans, causing untold damage to ecosystems.

The fish free February campaign aims to help people better understand the fishing industry by asking them to take fish out of their diets for the month of February.

The campaign hopes to send a clear message the current fishing industry standards cannot be sustained, with the ultimate goal of creating a shift of public consciousness to embracing a much more sustainable practice that’ll protect ocean life from collapsing and tackling pollution along with ecosystem conservation.

For more information on the fish free February campaign visit The Manta trust UK online.

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