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These Lightbulbs Have Been Designed To Help Houseplants Grow Even When There’s No Natural Sunlight

grow light
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With snow still falling, dark wintry clouds moving in, and a miserable outlook forecast for the foreseeable future, to make sure your houseplants remain full of life during these bleak periods a unique range of lightbulbs have arrived.

General Electric have unveiled Grow Lights, an innovative new range of LED lightbulbs designed specifically for indoor gardens, delivering just the right amount of natural light to keep house plants fresh and, most importantly, alive.

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grow light

Grow Light

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The plant-saving lightbulbs have been created to offer optimum natural lighting for plants. The unique makeup of the bulbs recreates the optimum photosynthesis environment for plants to thrive, even when the weather outside is dreary.

When turned on full power, delivering the necessary rays to plants, the bulbs will not affect or impact peoples eyesight.

GE’s plant friendly bulbs come in five different sizes, from traditional bulbs, which can be fitted to everyday lamps, to light rods, offering homes the ability to illuminate potted plants or a complete indoor garden arrangement.

grow light

Grow Light

The bulbs all promise simple installation, low heat and no irritating sounds when switched on. Meaning, you can grow your garden without any annoying buzzing or fluorescent lighting.

To view the complete Lighting range visit GE Amazon online.

Prices for the lighting range start at £18 for a single 9-watt bulb. To order visit GE Amazon online.

For more information on the Grow lighting range visit GE Amazon online.