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IKEA Launches Virtual Sustainable Craft Tutorials – Here’s How to Sign Up

ikea botanisk 2020 collection

For those who love a spot of eco-friendly crafting, IKEA has launched virtual craft tutorials based on sustainable living.

The craft classes are called Live Lagom and are named after the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bast” which means “the right amount is best”.

The classes will start on Monday March 30 with a tutorial on how to make a t-shirt tote bag, followed by menu planning & food storage on the 31st.

During the programme of events, which take place until April 5, you’ll learn how to build your very own terrarium, create a bored jar, enjoy some denim DIY and even help “make your chicken go further”.

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The virtual tutorials include building your own terrarium. Image: Pexels

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The tutorials are part of a community group the retailer has launched. Each class will be hosted by passionate individuals from home, all sharing aspects of healthy and sustainable living.

To tune in, simply join the Live Lagom Group on Facebook. To see the full programme, including times and dates, see here.

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