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IKEA’s New Eco-friendly Store Promises Trees Instead of Parking


IKEA may have recently revealed plans to open a new high street store in London, but it’s not the only eco-friendly store on the cards.

The retailer has also showcased plans to open a branch in Vienna, Austria – with one incredible difference.

The building looks more like a giant terrarium than a typical IKEA store boasting the addition of trees and walls of greenery over parking.


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The idea is that instead of cars, customers will walk, take the subway, or use a streetcar to come to the building.

The seven-story store will be located in Vienna’s Westbahnhof Station and is stated to include a green roof, 160 trees on terraces, and connections to the city’s tram and subway.

Pictures of the interiors also reveal the addition of ponds where customers can sit and unwind from their unusual shopping experience.


The concept forms part of IKEA’s commitment to become more sustainable.

As well as wellness benefits for customers, the green additions are hoped to aid with environmental changes by absorbing C02 and reducing electricity consumption.

For those who prefer an IKEA delivery, however, the retailer has confirmed the new eco-store would still deliver large items within 24 hours.

The store is slated to open next year and could become a must-see eco-destination in Europe.

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