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LEGO Are Embracing Sustainability With their New Plant-Based Bricks

lego plant based bricks

In a bid to reduce the volume of plastic waste they produce, LEGO have revealed their latest batch of bricks will be made using plant-based plastic sourced from environmentally friendly sugar cane.

The toy giants new plant-based range will be restricted to just a select few bricks and pieces, all of which carry a botanical theme, but the collection is aimed at helping the toy manufacturers have a positive impact on the environment and planet.

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lego plant based bricks


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The new bricks will include the likes of leaves, bushes and trees made entirely from plant-based plastic. All of them compatible with traditional LEGO brick collections.

Each new brick is made from polyethylene – a soft, durable and flexible plastic that is made using sustainably sourced sugar cane materials.

lego plant based bricks


Because the new pieces are made using bioplastic, they can all be recycled as many times as necessary.

LEGO have also revealed a collection of ideas to help combine the plant-based bricks with everyday LEGO bricks. The ideas include sustainable superheros such as Plantus Maximus, Birdy, Little Monkey, Woody Wheel, Ultra Green and Shy Marvin.


The new plant-based collection will still only account for a very small percentage of LEGO’s overall brick output, but the ultimate goal for the Danish toymaker is to produce all of its bricks using sustainably sourced and manufactured bioplastic by 2030.

To view the entire LEGO plant based bricks collection visit LEGO online.

For more information on the LEGO plant based bricks visit LEGO online.

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