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Lucy & Yak Is the Sustainable Lifestyle Brand Everyone Needs To Know About

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As the world inches towards environmental catastrophe, more and more people are looking for simple ways to help slow the damage in every which way they can.

Lucy and Yak are an independent clothing company that prides itself on producing a wonderful array of zero waste clothing, accessories and lifestyle products, all of which have an incredibly low environmental impact.

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lucy and yak

Lucy & Yak

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The unique lifestyle brand began life in the back of a van named “Yak” and has grown into one of the green living industries brightest stars, helping to increase awareness for sustainable living and zero waste products.

The brand sells items such as clothing, soap, tote bags, food wrap containers made from beeswax, jewellery, belts and a host of other everyday essential items.

All products have been made using recycled wool, organic cotton, cork, and a host of other fabrics to maintain a zero-waste manufacturing cycle.

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lucy and yak

Lucy & Yak

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The socially and environmentally conscious business has managed to grow from a two-person and a van, small, locally-focused business, to one employing over 40 staff in the UK, with two brick and mortar stores, and delivering products world wide. All in the pursuit of creating sustainable products and helping people become more environmentally conscious.

All products ordered online are delivered in 100% biodegradable mailing bags, containing no harmful plastic waste.

If their environmental aims were not enough, Lucy & Yak also pay the UK living wage to all of its UK-based staff, whilst also offering over four times the state minimum wage to skilled tailors in Northern India.

To learn more about Lucy & Yak’s sustainability focused business model visit Lucy & Yak online.

For more information on Lucy and Yak visit Lucy & Yak online.

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