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People Are Making Zero Waste Christmas Decorations from Orange Peel

orange peel christmas decorations
© Green Dream Foundation

Whether you’re a last minute Lucy or believe firmly in zero waste, eco charities are encouraging festive decor enthusiasts to create their own orange peel Christmas decorations.

The idea is that instead of throwing away your food waste you can create something entirely new – by making festive ornaments!

A Waste Free World and Green Dream Foundation have both been showing off the creative makes via their social channels.

The peels can make an astonishing amount of festive designs including star or Christmas-shaped baubles or even star stringed lights.

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Posted by Green Dream Foundation on Sunday, 8 December 2019

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Of course, not only will these festive decorations make a bit of a statement in your home, they’re sure to smell fantastic too.

Plus, if you’re already a dab hand at creating clove oranges in time for Christmas, these could make for that perfect crafty gift idea. (Last minute of course but who’s to know?)

To make your very own follow the instructions below.

How to Make Your Own Orange Peel Christmas Decorations

Posted by Green Dream Foundation on Sunday, 8 December 2019

  1. Peel your orange carefully that you get wide stripes.
  2. Cut them with your cookie cutter and make a small hole into them for a string.
  3. Dry them on the radiator or put them on a tray with a baking paper and bake them on the lowest temperature which your oven allows.

For more eco-friendly ideas visit A Waste Free World.

You can also find out more about the Green Dream Foundation over on their official website. 

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