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This Super Easy Zero Waste Trick Will Let You Regrow Your Vegetables at Home

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Growing your own herb garden can be a wonderful skill to learn but did you know you can also grow your own veg at home in the simplest way?

Don’t throw away what you can use for another day, simply by using water you can regrow food without needing to nip down to your local supermarket.

Not only is it super easy and you don’t need any fancy equipment, but it’s sure to save a little money on the side.

How to Regrow Vegetables at Home

The idea works by reusing the roots from vegetables you typically would throw away.

You can use any one of these greens: including cabbage, lettuce, celery, onion, carrots, leeks or garlic as a great starting point.

regrow vegetables water


Simply cut off the root end – the first 1-2″ – ensuring that the roots are intact and place in a small bowl of water.

About 1/2″ of water will ensure the root is covered.

You will typically see growth within  2-4 days, with some full growth taking up to 2 weeks.

Be sure to check within 2-3 days to ensure there’s enough water and no slime generated from any loose leaves.

That’s it!

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