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Pottery Is Being Reinvented By This Innovative New At-Home Ceramics Kit

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To help get people more creative while at home, Sculpd have developed a unique kit that’ll get clay stuck between everyone’s fingernails.

Sclupd are an online pottery service providing people with an escape-by-making solution, providing everything people need to sculpt, carve, paint, sand and seal your very own punch pots, succulent pots candle holders and a host of other ceramics.

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sculpd home pottery kit


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Filling homes with greenery and plants has been one of 2020’s biggest home decor trends.

Houseplants from succulents to potted sunflowers have been found to offer health and wellbeing benefits, as well as bringing a refreshing into aura to homes.

Clay has also been found to offer a sensory experience that relaxes the mind by disconnecting our thoughts, allowing people to scale back and zen out.

To help make sure your new leafy friends have a comfortable place to live, Sculpd provide pottery making kits that’ll guide beginners and experts alike on a ceramic making journey.

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sculpd home pottery kit


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Sculptd use premium air-drying clay, that is both soft, supple, easy to manipulate and dries a perfect neutral grey tone with a smooth and clean surface – perfect for painting on and designing once finished.

Each kit comes complete with two packs of premium air-dry clay, potter carving, shaping and cutting tools and tool bag, white acrylic paint, glossy vanish and sealant, two paintbrushes and sandpaper for smoothing.

Sculpd also offer an array of step-by-step guides and ideas for those lacking the ceramic inspiration.

The pottery experts also pick a sculpd of the month. At the end of each month the brand will choose one instagram post, tagged with their hashtag “#sculpd of the month” and send the winner more free clay to help them make more ceramic creations.

The Sculpd kits are priced at £39 and are available to order from Sculpd online.

For more information on the Sculpd home pottery kit visit Sculpd online.

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