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Selfridges Are Helping Customers Make Sustainable Choices with a Complete Store Revamp

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In a move to help consumers make more informed sustainable choices when shopping, Selfridges are revamping their entire store with a new labelling scheme.

The luxury department store have announced a move to introduce one of the most detailed labelling initiatives available in any stores in the UK called “the Buying Bettering scheme” in an effort to secure a more sustainable shopping future.

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selfridges buying better scheme


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The new labels come on the heels of a previous scheme by the department store aimed at giving customers information on products.

The new Buying Better scheme offers even more information than the previous initiative. The new labels highlight specific sustainable features of each product – including responsible leather, reducing waste, vegan suitable, forest friendly, cruelty, free and if the products support communities.

The smart labels will appear on over 3000 products from hundreds of homeware, fashion and beauty brands.

The department store was one of the original signatories of the Fashion Pact, a coalition of 150 influential brands and businesses working together to help find new ways to perverse the climate, biodiversity, and oceans.

The Selfridges Buying better scheme will be rolled out throughout 2019 and cover the entire store by 2020.

For more information on the Selfridges Buying Better scheme visit Selfridges online.

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