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This Christmas Is Set To Be the Most Environmentally Friendly on Record

sustainable festive study 2019

As the world becomes increasingly aware how their everyday actions impact the environment, this year is shaping up to be one of the greenest, most sustainable, Christmas seasons in history.

New research from the BMO has revealed people are planning to make the 2019 festive period the most environmentally friendly on record by changing the way they buy gifts, decorations and food options.

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sustainable christmas study 2019


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The sustainability-focused study polled 2,000 UK adults on what their Christmas habits were and if this year they would be considering a change in order to help limit their environmental damage.

The results revealed 74 per cent of adults are going to make wholesale changes to what they buy and how they celebrate the festive season, with a focus on using more sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Those involved with the study said recycling and creating less waste were top priorities, with 32 per cent aiming to use recycled wrapping paper and boxes, and 26 per cent committing to buying less food to avoid waste.

One in eight even suggested they were boycotting Christmas crackers in the hope of cutting down on paper and plastic wastage.

Parents admitted they were looking to buy their children wooden toys instead of harmful plastic alternatives.

The study also revealed that 64 per cent said they’re prepared to spend more on gifts if they were eco-friendly and sustainabily produced.

To view the entire sustainable Christmas study 2019 visit BMO online.

For more information on the BMO sustainable christmas study 2019 visit BMO online.

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