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These Stylish Socks Are Aiming to Start a Sustainability Revolution

As the world increasingly inches towards environmental disaster, one company are trying to save the planet one pair of socks at a time.

Teddy Locks, a family-run USA-based brand, are attempting to improve the global plastic wastage problem by recycling and repurposing the harmful material and turning into luxury socks for everyday use.

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teddy locks socks

Teddy Locks

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Landfills and dumps around the globe are choked with plastic waste, causing untold damage to the environment.

Teddy Locks are doing their bit to reduce that waste, and global damage, with their stylish and socially conscious luxury socks.

The innovative sock collection is made using recycled cotton and polyester, avoiding the need to create new materials, and come in a range of fabulous designs, sizes, and colour variations that’ll help wearers show off their own individual personalities.

Teddy Locks socks boast stay-up tops, to help make sure your they don’t slip down your legs, reinforced toe and heel pockets for longer lasting, and invisible toe seams to avoid discomfort and prevent blisters.

teddy locks socks

Teddy Locks

In additional to the 100% recycled socks, all packaging with Teddy Locks are made using recycled materials – including paper, stickers, shipping labels, envelopes and mailbags.

The recycling project also pledges to put the planet and people before profit. The company aims to support organisations around the world including the Hug It Forward initiative, who are building schools using plastic and inorganic waste.

To get involved with the innovative environmentally friendly project, visit the Teddy Locks Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge between £5 and £300.

For more information on Teddy Locks socks visit Kickstarter or Teddy Locks online.

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