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New Research Has Revealed Walking Could Be the Key To that Perfect Night Sleep

walking sleep health study
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There’s no shortage of research illustrating the benefits of exercise to everyday health, now there’s fresh information how it can help provide that perfect night sleep.

A new study by Sleep Health, Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, has revealed the impact of how the simple act of walking a few extra-steps each day could have profound benefits to sleeping habits and healthier living standards.

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walking sleep health study


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The study tested 59 adults over an entire year, who admitted to sleeping an average of seven hours per night, in a series of four-week studies.

Each of the 59 participants were given a FitBit health monitor. Half the group were asked to walk 2,000 steps, about one mile, more than they normally would each day over the course of the study, while the other half were given no specific instructions.

Each day, all participants were asked daily questions regarding their sleep quality and length.

The results at the end of the study revealed, unsurprisingly, that the group asked to walk an extra mile each day reported hefty increases in their sleep quality, with female participants showing the most significant boosts.

The positive results could unlock the solution for those who struggle to get to sleep at night, or find themselves enduring restless, often uncomfortable night’s in bed.

The full study is available to be viewed at Sleep Health online.

For more information on the research visit Sleep Health online.

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