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Zero Waste Igloos Might Just Be the Chicest Recycling Idea

© Southeast Fountain Elementary School

With recycling on everyone’s minds, the good news is it doesn’t need to be a drag thanks to these creative zero waste igloos.

Created entirely from egg boxes, the idea was created by the Southeast Fountain Elementary based in the US but builds upon an established global zero waste idea.

Rather than throw out your waste, why not reuse and upcycle containers into a chic igloo hangout perfect for kids or even pets?

The space can be an ideal reading nook for winter, or a fun den alike, once pillows and blankets are added to the interior.

All that’s required is a collection of egg boxes that can be built up in layers. Cardboard tubes can be used to prop up the doorway.

The idea can also be created using milk containers.

Simply collect clean plastic milk jugs, tape together large pieces of cardboard to make a base and make a circle on the base sized to your igloo using a nail, string and sharpie.

Then simply begin gluing jugs together with handles together. Then glue sets together with back tops touching and build up curvature rows.

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