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These Are Some of the Best Home Decoration Trends Taking Over in 2019

With a new year brings new ideas and designs, it offers an opportunity to freshen up your home, and these trends are what to look out for this spring and summer when considering an interior upgrade.

Whether it is embracing the Pantone colour of the year, transforming your home Marie Kondo style or going natural with organic tones, 2019 contains a number of simple trends.

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Wicker Furniture


Whether you have a natural feel already in your home or not, adding wooden furniture can help transform your home into a luscious California coastal pad or rainforest escape.

Natural looking furniture can also inject your home with character and life.

Floating Shelves

2019 home decorating trends


Open or floating shelves are super popular today and we can see why.

Floating shelves not only offer something to feature on bare walls but they also free up floor space, crucial in small homes.


2019 home decorating trends


Sustainability and helping the environment has never been more important than today, and home owners are embracing a new way of decorating.

From recycled fabrics, second hand furniture or sustainability produced paint and rugs, environmentally friendly home decor is big in 2019.

House Plants And Terrariums

2019 home decorating trends


They are simple to look after, difficult to kill, and offer air purifying qualities, there is little surprise why house plants and terrariums filled with cacti are a rising home decor trend in 2019.

Succulents and terrariums is the second most searched home decor field on Google in 2019 already, so be prepared for homes going all out on cacti and house plants this year.


2019 home decorating trends


Whether it’s about injecting some calming notes into your home, dividing up space, or embracing a minimalist feel to your home, grey is the perfect colour for it all.

Ideal in bedrooms, bathrooms, wallways, living rooms and kitchens, grey should be on your list of potential colour options when planning a home redecoration project.

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