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Here’s Every Kitchen Style You Can Expect to See in 2020

© Federico Rostagno

If you’re looking to renovate the heart of the home, make these 2020 kitchen trends your ultimate go-to inspiration.

Especially if you haven’t done an update on your kitchen for a while, these styles will bring the design bang up-to-date, giving it a trendy edge with a timeless appeal.

Here, two kitchen design experts, RTA Cabinet Supply and Burbidge Kitchen Makers, discuss some of the styles you will most definitely see.

Black Cabinets

2020 kitchen trends


You might have seen this coming already – but yes, black cabinets are, and will continue to be a thing.

According to RTA Cabinet Supply, granted, warm tones remain popular – but nothing quite compares to the elegance that black brings to the table.

No matter if you are going for all-black cabinets or some black accessories, they will certainly make any kitchen luxurious.

Bear in mind that black is only popular with bigger kitchens that receive a fair amount of light.

If the kitchen is small and dark, then the black furniture will make it seem smaller. Ideally, you should find a way to balance the black with the rest of the room and your house.

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Concealed Appliances

2020 kitchen trends

Burbidge Kitchen Makers

“Although we are seeing a move away from sleek, high gloss, handle-less designs towards painted shaker style kitchens, the appetite for discreet storage is expected to grow,” says Ben Burbidge from Burbidge Kitchen Makers.

Concealment solutions that create a streamlined finish without impacting the style are a key consideration and can take the form of simple cabinetry to hide a fridge to storage design that minimises counter top small appliances.

A hidden station, which keeps the kettle and toaster from cluttering the worktop and helps to create a dedicated area to sit and enjoy breakfast will be popular in 2020.

Wood and White Combos

2020 kitchen trends


While black brings out a mysterious elegance, white brings a clean one, says RTA Cabinet Supply.

Two-tone kitchens are a thing – and if there’s something else that’s rising to popularity, that’s wood. So, why not make the best out of both worlds?

This is why you are very likely to see white and wood everywhere. White walls, shelves, and countertops mixed with wood cabinet doors. With some added wood accessories in the mix, this style will certainly rise in terms of popularity.

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Smart Storage

2020 kitchen trends

Burbidge Kitchen Makers

“One of the most desired design features will be the kitchen larder,” says Ben Burbidge from Burbidge Kitchen Makers.

A throwback to times when refrigeration was not commonly available, in recent years they have been re-purposed to store dried goods.

Incorporating pull out racks and drawers will help maximize the space, whilst conveniently allowing homeowners to see and utilise the full depth of the dresser.

“Many modern kitchens also integrate sections with open storage so beloved decorative pieces can be beautifully displayed or those essential items used most frequently can be accessed effortlessly.”

Mixing a full height larder unit, which boasts large storage capacity, with feature shelving and open units will help to create a balance between a practical and decorative finish.

Shelf Backsplashes

2020 kitchen trends


We all love (and need) fancy backsplashes in our life – particularly those made from marble, granite, or stone. At the same time, shelves are becoming popular – and more and more people have embraced the idea of mixing the two into one.

The year that follows, backsplashes that extend and morph into shelves will make their way into many people’s kitchen.

It’s reminiscent of European kitchen styles, and they are great for decorative purposes as well. You may add any accessories or fancy glasses that you want, showing off the beauty of your kitchen.

rounded finishes

2020 kitchen trends

Burbidge Kitchen Makers

Beautiful, thoughtfully selected handles can turn even the simplest kitchen design into something special.

Burbidge Kitchen Makers suggest rounded edges and softer shapes, such as semi ovals and lozenges, will prove popular as homeowners look for subtle ways to differentiate their design and create a charming, softened space that will invite people to relax and spend time in.

Gunmetal and Pewter Hardware

Burbidge Kitchen Makers

Kitchens with pewter hardware is a rising trend that will likely follow through in 2020 as well.

“For 2020 we expect to see a move away from pristine polished chrome that requires more upkeep towards easy to maintain brushed finishes,” Ben Burbidge from Burbidge Kitchen Makers indicates.

According to RTA Cabinet Supply, gunmetal and pewter “isn’t as harsh as black is, nor is it as specific as gold or brass is – which is why people tend to prefer it.

“At the same time, this kind of hardware gives depth and texture to the kitchen – particularly if you are a fan of vintage designs. It will give that feeling of “kitchens of old,” all while retaining that modern look we all tend to love.”

Natural Finishes and Two-Tone Kitchens

Burbidge Kitchen Makers

“2020 will see a resurgence of natural finishes, where wood components are left exposed; adding detail and definition to a space, ” Ben Burbidge from Burbidge Kitchen Makers says.

Two tone, contrasting finishes are also becoming desirable.

Whether opting for contrasting wall and floor mounted cabinetry or choosing an island in an eye-catching hue, mixing colours and finishes is the perfect way to make a kitchen design stand out from the crowd.

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Wood Designs

Federico Rostagno

With the hectic way in which the “concrete era” is going forward, people are trying more and more to find a connection with nature.

It has a tendency to create a calming, welcoming environment – one that is as timeless as it is relaxing.

Moreover, people are growing fonder and fonder of well-lit, airy spaces that remind them of the outdoors. This is why wood has become so popular – because it is so easy to incorporate into this plan.

Plus, there are so many ways in which wood can be used – and can either make your kitchen look beautifully rustic of fashionably modern.

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